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November 24, 2023 – Innovation, quality, and leadership have always been at the heart of FIM’s core philosophy. Today, we are proud to announce a significant milestone as FIM officially celebrates its 10th anniversary with the theme “Chasing Light and Bathing in Glory”.

Looking back on the past decade, FIM has evolved from graphic design to software development, gradually establishing its brand identity in the industry. Always committed to user-oriented service and constant quality improvement, FIM has successfully provided numerous innovative solutions for various clients, making a significant impact in the field of graphic design.

However, FIM did not stop there. With the rapid development of technology, we recognized the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) for future advancements and began to undertake subsequent AI projects. By integrating AI with design, we aim to create smarter and more efficient solutions to meet the growing demands of the market and our customers.

As we celebrate this momentous occasion, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our customers and partners who have supported and trusted FIM. Without your support, FIM would not be where it is today. We firmly believe that with our joint efforts, FIM will continue to thrive and reach new heights in the future.

Looking ahead, FIM will continue to uphold our core philosophy, drive innovation, provide high-quality services, and maintain our leading position in the industry. In the next decade, we look forward to bringing more innovative products and services to our users, aiding the transformative capacity of AI technology.

Let us celebrate FIM’s 10th anniversary with the theme “Chasing Light and Bathing in Glory,” and look forward to another brilliant decade.

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